Gaditana Phytoplankton Superfood for Over All Wellness

Extremely Life Changing for People and Your Pets!

Introducing the Original Superfood: a raw, enzyme-active marvel
 of nature that transcends conventional supplementation.
This single strain, single-celled microorganism bypasses digestion, seamlessly infusing your bloodstream with a symphony of pure-source vitamins, trace minerals, carotenoids,
essential fatty acids, antioxidants, full-spectrum protein, and an array of other life-enhancing nutrients.

In Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and USA, more to come.

blugenics phytoplankton  blugenics phytoplankton harvested
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blugenics gaditana how it is made
David Hunter the President of BluGenics - How Gaditana is Grown

The Product Creator - Sizzle Recording:
or 1-605-475-4948 Pin: 450916 # Ref 6 #

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Meet the BluGenics Corporate Team... and hear David Hunter share his amazing story,
so you can fully understand how BluGenics has ended up being blessed
with the strongest and most effective strain of Phytoplankton ever discovered!

blugenics gaditana miracle

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