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Personal Experiences

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
 Puratae is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Puratae, but peoples personal experiences.

We have had a complete Life changing experience using the Puratae superfood making a simple change by starting the day right. We drink our incredible tasting drink first thing in the morning.

Our Results have been nothing short of extraordinary We both have experienced Reduced inflammation, increased energy, improved digestion and fast recovery from stressful situations. An added benefit one of us has lost 20 pounds and the other 14 pounds.

We were not expecting the weight loss however its a fundamental truth that if we give the body the proper nutrition the body is the miracle and it does what its intended to do, cleanse and replenish and restore at a cellular level. The truth is we are made up of what we have consumed in the previous 90 days.

We will use this Puratae superfood for the rest of our life and share it with everyone we know! We are so grateful we found this product and this company. Elaine M.

I started using Puratae Super Food 6 weeks ago and I am ecstatic with the results. I've lost weight, I'm full of energy, and for the first time in my life, I'm Regular!!!

My hair and nails are growing, my skin is clear and I love that my body is getting all the nutrients it needs in one scoop!!!I don't have to take 10 different supplements and minerals every day to get everything I get in one scoop of Puratae. I also love that I introduced it to 4 friends who are experiencing the same great results as me. The fact that I don't have to pay for it just for sharing with 3 friends, and helping them is an added bonus! Tammy A.

This Green Pure Superfood, has given me a Balanced Pure Life, an overall better feeling and more energy!
Thank you, Mike B.

Love my Puratae! I have lost pounds, dropped glucose levels as well as my blood pressure has dropped.
I am regular again! Elizabeth D.

Game changer here!!!!! I was sooooo skeptical to try this stuff!! Within 2 days I could such a difference though...It was undeniable how much better I felt. My cravings for sugar and caffeine went away. I felt full and satisfied more quickly with meals. I feel more balanced and energized each day. I have unintentionally lost weight too. I would love to share.  Mindy M.

I love Puratae refreshing taste each morning. Feeling alive and ready to tackle the day ahead. I feel energized, cravings under control, and mental clarity. I have watched my husband get back on his feet after 5 days from a heart attack and report to work feeling great!! We are both benefiting with this Superfood to start the Puratae day. Thank you Puratae. Margaret P.

I have more energy and am sleeping better. I don't have the cravings as much as I usually do which is awesome. Charlieand S.

I've never been a breakfast person or a fruits and vegetables kinda person. Lol. Am now in. A couple glorious  minutes each morning. Getting to where I don't even feel like having coffee in the morning. Seriously love this feeling. Greens F.

After struggling through chronic fatigue syndrome (which is always hovering waiting for stress or a compromised immune system to knock you down and out again) and trying multiple core health products, it's with glee that I announce, proclaim and sing that I am HOME with Puratae. I haven't felt this amazing in decades and am told I look younger. Sandy M.

I've been taking this product for about one month. I'm very in tune with my body I've noticed my body recovers through the night as I sleep. And I sleep well at that. My body functions are coming back to life I'm thankful I was introduced to this product. Corban T.

Puratae has totally changed my digestive system. I have more energy, a balanced appetite, and I am surprised at how good my skin looks. Shannon S.

Starting my day Puratae way I have energy all day long! I am so happy to be improving my health daily with Pure Superfood!! Aaron M.

I love that I'm able to get all of my nutrients in, quickly and easily! As a new mom, this is a challenge for me otherwise but now with Puratae, I know my little girl is getting everything she needs from me! I also have enough energy to "mom" which is beyond amazing in itself! Love this product. Shelby H.

I feel so much energy, my immune system is the reason I took this product. I was sick of getting the cold and feeling run down. In three weeks I have notice I feel so much better. I love that I am getting all the vitamins and nutrition I need first thing in the morning. Knowing I am treating my body well is so important to me.
Marnee W.

Everyone will have their own results, but I'm more impressed Puratae's Pure Superfood. I started taking Puratae on a Monday morning, and by the next Monday I was down 5.3 lps! That's extraordinary for me! I think part of the reason this product works so well is that:

* It's providing my body the supplements & nutrition it needs.
* It balances my blood sugar levels, and it has taken away my unhealthy cravings (especially sugary foods and sodas).
* I've had an amazing increase in my energy.
* It's boosted my metabolism.
* And love the digestive health benefits, and the mental clarity I feel.

I take a serving of this product mixed in water (before any other food or drink) in the morning and then a second serving between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. I don't count calories, but I listen to my body and I'm eating healthy foods more. This product helps me to enjoy healthy foods more. It also works best for me when I stay very well-hydrated and fast for at least 12 hours. For example I won't eat anything between 8:pm and 8:am. When I do my break my fast, I drink Puratae first thing and then wait at least 30 minutes for its ingredients to take effect. I'm so thankful for this life improving product! Genise M.

Puratae has changed my life so much from better sleep, more energy throught the day, craving healthy foods but the biggest thing for me was helping me get past my sugar addiction or cravings which has greatly improved my health. Kory K.

I'm loving this product! I have been using it faithfully for almost 2 months. Losing weight and My body actually craves it now. Julie S.

I love that the entire family starts their day the right way! With everything their bodies need, to have a great day! Scott-Susan M.

I love how I feel using this product! Way better than taking a million pills. It tastes good too!! Holly L.

Love this stuff I've only been taking it just over a week and have started to lose weight. I have a long way to go but I have included this in my journey. I feel mentally clear, skin is looking vibrant. Lara H.

I have so many health issue including an auto immune disease, no gallbladder, and at the end of the day I have the most sensitive stomach that gets upset by everything.

But not anymore.. I've been on this product for less than 4 weeks and I can already tell a world of a difference. My stomach doesn't get upset after every meal. I don't feel bloated anymore. I have so much more mental clarity and I just feel good! On top of that, I've lost 14 pounds since starting this product, and its not even for weight loss.

But it makes sense that when the rest of your body is starting to function properly, your metabolism just falls in line! So so grateful to have found this product. Its already helped my quality of life. Cylie F.

I love that I can drink all the stuff that I should eat, but don't! I love that my body is getting what it needs. I like the taste of Puratae! And I'm a super picky eater. Kristie S.

Absolutely has given my life back. Beyond grateful. Something so simple yet so profound. THANK YOU PURATAE! Brain fog gone. My pants fitting looser. More energy and focus. Better elimination. Deeper sleep. No more sugar cravings (sorry DQ no more late night blizzard runs!)... Steve Redman

All my vitamins, probiotics and energy I was missing in one cup. Katie A.

I noticed the energy boost right away...and then lost 6 pounds in a month with no other explanation besides pure superfood. I love hearing how it's helping friends with digestion and sleep...basically everyone should be using this product! Wallace W.

By far the best tasting and cleanest greens superfood I have tried, and I've tried A LOT. I have good mental clarity and definitely notice my digestive system has more power and is at ease. Wellfred R.

Love this product. Went from no breakfast and NO fruits and vegetables. To everything in ONE drink. Love the focus and feeling from a couple minutes in the morning. Greens 4U

This stuff has been a life changer I went from napping and tired everyday by noon and now I feel so focused and energized! To top it off I've noticed less bloating, hair and nail growth too. Katie S.

This stuff is a game changer. It has transformed me from the inside out with energy, digestion, focus, sharpness, reduced sugar cravings, sleep, weight. It is an Amazing product! I am obsessed! Rachaelerin R.

I love knowing I'm starting my day out right & pointed in the right direction of good health with 14 supplements in one scoop! My energy has improved even after only 5 days of taking it. Anna F.

I have more energy and rarely have the 3 o'clock slump anymore!  PS W.

This product is amazing! Its saved me through busy season I feel amazing and energized! E M.

I feel energized and happy. I also love that Puratae has kept me regular after having had issues with that. :)
Emmy K.

I have never felt more energized or focused, in my life!! I never thought I'd be saying that, especially as a brand new mom. This product has changed my life in so many ways, mentally and physically! I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to start her day the Puratae way too. Shelby H.

I LOVE PURATAE! I'm WAY less bloated. My sugar cravings are drastically decreased and I have more energy. Plus, I love the taste of it! Smally S.

Love this shake!! Starts my day right and feel great on it! Tori F.

This pure superfood is awesome. I have done juicing and green smoothies in the past. However Puratae tastes way better has more nutrients in it and the cost is a lot less. I am so glad I found this product.
I am sleeping better and my digestion has greatly improved. I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of my health improves over the next year. S G.

PURE SUPERFOOD has changed my life!!! It's giving me the energy I was lacking, the nutrientsmy body needs (even though I eat clean due to allergies), its curbed my cravings for salt, I'm sleeping deeper, it is even helping with the inflammation in my body!

Plus in 2 months I'm down 14 pounds without even trying!! Not to mention, it has replaced the cupboard full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc I was taking! My friends are even starting to comment on how good my hair and skin look. Loving this product! Forever grateful. Andrea M.

I have been starting my day with Puratae Superfood for 6 days now. The first thing I noticed was I slept great ALL NIGHT!!! Also I have more lasting energy through the day.

But most of all I love the fact that within minutes of waking up I can get all this nutrition in my body and I'm good to go no matter how busy my day gets. You will love this too. April

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
 Puratae is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Puratae, but peoples personal experiences.

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